Maze Arcana invites you to explore EBERRON: the rich world imagined over a decade ago, and still cultivated, by KEITH BAKER. A live stream Dungeons and Dragons game Run by Game Master Ruty Rutenberg and Players: Satine Phoenix, Kyle Vogt, Milynn Sarley, Kurt Caceres & special guests. Every Sunday 12 - 4pm PST on

What makes Eberron different from normal Dungeons and Dragons? 
If you’ve played D&D, or even if you only seen Lord of the Rings once, you have a pretty good idea what “fantasy” entails; wizards, magic, knights, short-stubby people that are either grouchy from beards or hungry for third-breakfasts… Eberron has all that AND more. It combines traditional medieval tones with an evolving magic that is built into every thread of the setting. We like to call it "Arcana-Punk". The world of Eberron touts a New Age of fantasy, of primal essence, hoisted upon the backs of intrepid Airships fused with living elementals and Lightning Rails powered by… well, lightning! In Eberron, it’s not just elves, rogues, and orcs, it’s where shady changelings, lycan-hybrid shifters, psionic vessels called Kalashtar, and the Warforged, a race of sentient constructs, thirst for adventure. In short, its tone and attitude. It's the only setting that encourages all that gray space between good & evil, right & wrong. Every villain is the hero of their own story and every hero a villain... 

Created by Satine Phoenix & Ruty Rutenberg.